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SDDA is committed to advancing the development of China's drug research and development industry, promoting

knowledge exchange and business cooperation within the industry, and providing education and information exchange platforms for medical professionals.

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    If you are still using 3 + 3 to design phase 1 clinical trial? You're out of date.

    In the traditional phase 1 clinical trial design, the mainstream dose climbing test design method is rule-based 3 + 3 design, which is widely used in the market for the reason that its high safety. However, this method also has many defects.
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    The SDDA annual meeting was held in Shanghai

    On February 22, 2019, the annual meeting of China New Drug Research and Development Association (SDDA) was held in Shanghai. Academician Wen Yumei and Chief Science Officer of Xinda, Kerry L. Blanchar, were invited to give a brilliant report at the meeting. It attracted nearly 150 participants from drug research and development and investment institutions, and discussed issues related to drug innovation, cutting-edge technology and so on.